Start Time
July 23, 2018
End Time
July 26, 2018

Event Description

Master Your Influence is an exclusive 4 day Transformational event with Joel Brown, Emile Steenveld & Ben Kelly where you will learn incredible insights and strategies so you can elevate your mind and your marketing for more influence and impact.

You will learn first hand from Joel, Ben and Emile who are three world class transformational leaders who have supported 1000’s of people over the last decade to unlock the dormant powers that reside within their untapped well of confidence so they can share their gifts with the world in extraordinary ways.

This is an experiential workshop that will propel you into new powerful experiences that will shift your paradigm and strengthen your certainty of who you are in this world.

These three powerful leaders will support you in breaking through your blockages in person so you are able to move forward with a new and improved mindset and unbelievable clarity on your brand and online business.

Your experience will include mindset and leadership strategy sessions, wealth building strategies, stretching and personal training and guided visualization to connect with your incredible potential.

The person you will be at the end of this exciting getaway will blow your friends, family and followers away when you return home.

Teachers / Speakers