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In this 90 Day Breakthrough Intensive, you will stretched to new levels of comfort zones through Experiential exercises and challenges, Accountability like never before, because we all know we can hide or avoid if we really want to.

The 90 Day MasterMind journey designed and lead by Emile Steenveld. He is here to take you out of your comfort zones and step you into 2018 with more Certainty and Confidence in yourself. You will learn how to let go of the past stories that have been keeping you small through Mindfulness and ACT ( Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

MINDFULNESS: The Science and Benefits of Being Fully Present

  • Practice: open awareness
  • Journaling: self-reflection
  • Exercise: mindful listening
  • Practice: reframe and respond to challenges in the moment
  • Exercise: alignment with values
  • Envisioning: visualize your goals
  • Journaling: your ideal future
  • Resilience: recover from setbacks
  • Leadership skills: communicating with insight
  • Exercise: difficult conversations and learn to set boundaries
  • Exercise: who I am as a leader

- Learn how to enroll people in who you are and why you do it.

- Learn your top strengths and weaknesses and how to build new habits.

- Understand your worth and Values through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

- Private Facebook group to keep you Accountable

- Learn how to enroll people in who you are and why you do it

- Learn to how to build new habits and stick to them.

 You will be connecting with an exclusive group of carefully selected members who are ready to support, grow and share with you so you can all reach a level of success you have never experienced before.

This program will give you in depth knowledge, strategies and the inner beliefs you need to leave your mark on the world. It’s time to stop playing small and create a life on your terms.


* Modules and Distinctions to print out.

* Access to Private Facebook  to group.

* Weekly Accountability

* 2 x 30 min private sessions a month 

* 6 sessions - 2 x 1.5 group sessions a month 

* 6 group sessions where we delve deep in the distinction as a group with a Q&A at the end of each group session

* You will receive an Expert Session with Joel Brown the CEO of Addicted to Success to create your 10 year vision


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