Nature calls and I don’t mean going to the bathroom. Fall is turning into winter and nature calls to us everyday if we are open to experiencing it’s wonders.

When I am out in nature I try to be very mindful of my surroundings. This means that I don’t have headphones on so I can actually hear the birds singing and calling to one another this time of year. It also means not bringing my phone so there are no technical distractions. I can totally be with myself in nature and experience all of my senses.

I find that when I am in the present moment, I am more aware of my surroundings and truly enjoy what I am experiencing. I really see and notice the shapes, colors, shades and hues of the trees, the leaves, the ground, and the mountains. I can hear and listen to different sounds: the melodies of the birds, coyotes howling, the wind in the trees, or the rain falling gently on the ground. I smell different scents of flowers, the earth after it rains, and grass after being mowed. These are just a few examples of what I notice when I am not checked out either in my thoughts or with technology devices.

I feel a deeper connection to the natural world when I am mindful, present, and when I am not distracted. This connection is one my inspirations for creativity and it comes from that depth of experience. In Mother Nature, spring is a time for growth, cleansing, renewal and new beginnings. Let yourself enjoy the spring season and all that it has to offer.

But before you go outdoors, I invite you to ponder five questions to help facilitate mindfulness when you are in nature:

  • How does everything come alive for you in nature when you are in the present moment, and just experiencing what is happening around you?
  • What happens creatively when you tap into that feeling when you are open and full of wonder, awe, and non- judgment?
  • How does being mindful in nature inform or influence your work as an artist?
  • Do you pay attention to what each season has to offer as inspiration?
  • How do you observe, sense and feel nature in your being for creative inspiration?

Nature calls-free yourself from being indoors! Get out in nature, be inspired and release the creative in you!

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