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Surfing is one of those sports that happens moment by moment. It actually forces you to be present. One day I think I have got it, then the next moment the ocean reminds me how powerful she really is. I wouldn't even call myself a "surfer" yet, well not until I'm on a short board. I have a love / hate relationship with it. If the conditions are right I love it, but if they are not I get impatient and over it real fast. The one thing it does teach me though is to be present. Every single wave different then the next. It teaches me that falling off or "failing" is part of the process of becoming better and that's not just in surfing but in life. It teaches the inner perfectionist in me to accept and honour where I am. Today take a moment to honour and accept where you are. It is important to acknowledge yourself for the small things so that you can experience the greater things in life.

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